Smartbar™ Installation in Masonry with Tapcon™ Fasteners

1. Determine where the SmartBar™ is to be mounted. Mark the center location where each Mount will be. SmartBar™ can be mounted horizontally, vertically or at any angle. Drill a 3/16” hole 2-1/2” deep at each center location.

2. Insert the Tapcon™ screw thru the WASHER, O-RING AND SADDLE. Using a ratchet wrench or impact driver and ¼” hex socket, tighten the fastener until the SADDLE is in contact with the wall but can still rotate by hand. Repeat for the second SADDLE.

3. Using the bar as a guide, place it across both SADDLES. Rotate the SADDLES until the bar accurately nests in the SADDLES. Remove the bar and tighten the fasteners while maintaining the positions of the SADDLES. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

4. Slide the Gaskets over the SADDLES

5. Place the FLANGES on CLAMPS as shown

6. Slide the FLANGE with CLAMP onto each end of the bar. Adjust their spacing to match the spacing of the mounted SADDLES.

7. Place the bar with FLANGES and CLAMPS onto the SADDLES and screw on the FLANGES to the SADDLES by hand. (DO NOT TIGHTEN).

8. Using the supplied strap wrench, tighten each flange until they are flush with the mounting surface.

9. Make sure the assembly is rigid and the bar does not rotate.

10. Installation complete.