1. Why should I use Smartbar?
  • Smartbars are rated to meet or exceed ADA standards.
  • Aesthetics - traditional grab bars have the same cookie-cutter, institutional look.
  • Installation - no other grab bar is as easy to install or has the mounting flexibility.
  • Tamper resistant - no exposed fasteners reduce the risk of unwanted removal.
  • Hygiene - there are no gaps or cavities for dirt and bacteria to reside.
  • Smartbars are designed, manufactured & supported in the USA …It Matters!
2. How do I mount my Smartbar?
  • Smartbars are designed to mount with a single fastener (one in each mount) in nearly every type of construction.
  • See the Installation instructions section for the specifics on your construction type.
3. What is an Easymount™?
  • Easymount™ is a single point fastening that provides the installer the simplicity of securing each grab bar mount with one easy-to-install fastener.
  • There are no templates and no struggling with mounting hole alignment.
  • If a stud is available, there is no pre-drilling required.
  • Fastener kits are available for any construction type.
  • Easymount™ allows for mounting grab bars from the front, rear and even back-to-back (as in the case of lavatory partitions).
  • Easymount™ eliminates gaps in the flange where dirt and bacteria can build up.
4. Does my Smartbar™ have to be horizontal?
  • No. However, the following may help in your mounting decision.
  • Horizontal - this position will help with sitting or rising. It is also good for grabbing onto in case of a slip or fall.
  • Vertical - this will help with balance while standing.
  • Angled - this installation may be easier for people to use when pulling themselves out of a seated position. Care should be taken when installing a grab bar at an angle as this position is not ideal according to ADA guidelines.
5. Do I need to install my Smartbar™ into a wood stud?
  • No, Smartbar with Easymount™ technology can be installed onto any substrate providing the appropriate fasteners are used.
  • Fastener kits and accessories are available for nearly all mounting situations. This gives you the freedom to install a Smartbar anywhere.
6. Can Smartbar be mounted to a wall partition or restroom stall divider?
  • Yes. With Easymount™, installation in a wall partition or restroom stall divider is as easy as specifying the appropriate fastener kit. Unlike other grab bars, only two holes are required for mounting.
7. What height should I install my Smartbar?
  • For toilets - not in a stall, 33”- 36” off of the finished floor (ADA Section 4.16)
  • For toilets - inside a stall, see (ADA Section 4.17)
  • For bath tubs - 3 grab bars are required, two on the back wall (one 9” above the rim of the tub, the other 33” -36” above the finished floor) and the third at the head of the tub (ADA Section 4.20).
  • For Shower Stalls - either 2 or 3 grab bars are required, 33” – 36” from the floor of the shower stall. (ADA Section 4.21). The number of grab bars required in a shower stall is dependent on the size of the shower stall.
  • See ADA & HUD links below for additional information.
8. Can towel bars be used as safety grab bars?
  • NO! However, Smartbars can double as a towel bar and a grab bar while providing the safety you need. Plus, they look great.
9. What are some sources of grab bar information?
10. Where should I put my Smartbars?
  • Outside of the Tub or Shower: A vertically mounted Smartbar outside of the tub or shower entry is excellent for maintaining balance when stepping in and out of a wet surface.
  • Towel Bars: When you are about to fall you’ll grab for anything close. Often it’s the towel bar - unfortunately they won’t support you. Make towel bars safer by replacing them with Smartbars.
  • Floor Level Changes: One step between the kitchen and the living room can be hazardous. Consider a Smartbar along the wall adjacent to the step.
  • Stairwells: Climbing a flight of stairs can be exhausting, especially for seniors suffering from balance or mobility issues. A Smartbar at the top and bottom of the stairwell can provide that extra support and a needed place to rest.
  • Exterior Stairs: Especially with outside weather, two or three steps can be dangerous.
  • A Smartbar mounted near the door frame can be a lifesaver.
  • Dressing & Closet Areas: It’s not unusual to trip on your pant leg while getting dressed in the morning. Installing a Smartbar next to the dressing area can provide added stability for the senior while he or she is getting dressed.
  • Hallways: A Smartbar mounted in a long hallway or one that has sharp turns is a great resting stop for seniors.
  • Toilet Area: Even with the new higher toilets it can be difficult process to get up. Mounting a Smartbar in close proximity can make it easy to stand while maintaining steadiness.
11. What do I need to consider when purchasing my Smartbar?
  • Smartbar Length - make sure to measure and determine the proper length for your application. Smartbars are available in lengths ranging from 12” to 48”.
  • Smartbar Color - choose between Slate, Charcoal, and White.
  • Bar Caps - three styles of bar caps are available to compliment any décor.
  • Fastener Kits – select the appropriate fastener kit for each mount (2 per Smartbar) depending on the type of substrate you are mounting to.
  • Accessories – review the accessories section. There are items that may aid your installation.
12. What if I have questions on mounting, availability or anything else?
  • Call us. We answer the phone. You can even talk with our engineers.
    13. If I scratch my Smartbar™, can I fix it?
    • You can remove scratches with Scotch-Brite™ General Purpose Hand Pad 7447, which is available at most home improvement stores.
    • Using a small amount of isopropyl rubbing alcohol, gently rub the bar with the Scotch-Brite pad. Make sure you only apply light pressure in a circular motion (see graphic below). DO NOT rub the Scotch-Brite pad along the length of the bar as this will create additional scratches.