The simple advantages of technology and SINGLE MOUNT FASTENING
  • Installs three different ways—Front, Rear, and Back-to-Back
  • Only one fastener is needed per mount, regardless of the wall substrate
  • Mount spacing and alignment are not critical
  • Tamper-resistant. There are no exposed fasteners

What is single point fastening?

As the name implies, single point fastening simply means “only one fastener is required per mount”. This obvious feature, mostly ignored, significantly shortens installation time and eliminates alignment issues, templates and pre-drilling of multiple holes. Unlike the multiple small screws included with most home-improvement-store type grab bars, single point fastening allows you to center the mount and install one fastener … repeat for the second mount.

Mounting of any grab bar requires the appropriate fastener(s) to ensure the installation is safe and secure. That is why SmartBar™ offers a multitude of fastener kits for most any mounting condition. Simply select the fastener kits for your substrate at checkout.

Front Side Mounting

Rear Side Mounting

Back-to-Back Mounting